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NetSec Lecture Series: Transition To Practice, They Say

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21.04.2022, 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr
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Die Fachgruppe Sicherheit in Mobil- und Festnetzen veranstaltet in diesem Sommersemester die virtuelle NetSec Lecture Series. Die erste Veranstaltung findet am 21. April 2022 von 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr statt. Die Zoom-Einwahldaten für die Veranstaltung sind: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/63223549564?pwd=SUdRSjcvVzJJeVhielM0UE5pNGhlQT09.

Save-the-date: NetSec Lecture Series

Am 21. April 2022 startet die Lecture Series mit einem spannenden Vortrag von Dr. Robin Sommer über die Reise des Open-Source-IDS Zeek von einem Forschungsprojekt hin zu einem Silicon-Valley-Startup:

Transition To Practice, They Say:
How Two Decades of Security Research Ultimately Spawned a Silicon Valley Startup

Abstract: In academia, it can require perseverance and patience to see your research gaining real-world traction. In this presentation we will recap the journey that turned the open source network security monitor Zeek (formerly Bro) from a little known research platform into a powerful operational security tool that’s now helping protect some of the largest, most sensitive organizations. Over a period of more than two decades, Zeek went through a series of quite distinct phases (as well as a couple of near-death experiences) that, in hindsight, all proved critical to exploit the full potential of the original technology. Today, the Zeek project is thriving more than ever: An active open source community continues to extend the system’s capabilities, while a venture-backed startup founded by its creators provides turn-key products to large enterprises and government organizations.

CV: Robin Sommer is a Co-Founder at Corelight, a San Francisco-based security startup providing open NDR solutions based on Zeek. He has been leading the development team behind Zeek for many years. Before Corelight, Robin was a Senior Researcher at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, California, where he led a range of research projects on network security and privacy. Robin has served on numerous review committees for academic conferences and funding organizations, and as the General Chair for the 2013 IEEE Security & Privacy Symposium. He holds a doctorate degree from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and is now back living in Munich as well, from where he continues to lead Corelight’s open source development team.